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Saturday, Feb 17, 2018 2018-02-17 2018-02-17 America/Los_Angeles Robin Schulz 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV Intrigue Nightclub
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Robin Schulz

The inimmitable guitar riff, the wistful voice and Robin Schulz' driving,
passionate groove put music fans under a spell in the summer of 2014.
Regardless of whether you hear the track in the car, via Smartphone or at
the cl...
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The inimmitable guitar riff, the wistful voice and Robin Schulz' driving,
passionate groove put music fans under a spell in the summer of 2014.
Regardless of whether you hear the track in the car, via Smartphone or at
the club on the packed dancefloor: with his remix of Lilly Wood & The
Prick's "Prayer in C" Robin Schulz has the world in his hands. To date, the
song has achieved #1 in the iTunes charts in 27 countries and was Top 10
iTunes in 36 countries. In Germany he held the Number One position in the
Single Charts, the iTunes Charts, the Amazon MP3 Charts, the Dance Charts,
the Shazam Charts, the Streaming Charts, and the Spotify Charts, breaking
all records. Furthermore Robin Schulz is the first German artist whose
track achieved the #1 position in the Worldwide Shazam Charts. This success
is exciting for the 27-year-old from the German town of Osnabruck, who has
been a DJ and producer for 12 years. But he doesn't allow it to go to his
head. The fans mainly see him behind the DJ booth, fully concentrated on
the music, the distinctive lines of his face hidden behind sunglasses.
Robin Schulz is surrounded by a somewhat mysterious aura. This makes it
more fascinating to see how he directly and sensitively communicates with
his fans through the music.

Electronic beats have been a part of his life since he was a small kid. His
father was active as a DJ in the Eighties. Robin experienced his early
enthusiasm for music and let himself be infected. At 15 he experienced a
party in a club for the first time. A DJ colleague of his father had put
him on the guest list. And that's when it happened: the music sounded
completely different here. It captivated the dancing, smiling and laughing
crowd. But the DJ fascinated him most: he had everything under control and
steered the crowd. Robin started saving up for his first turntables that he
acquired when his was 17. Schulz then grew into the strong electronic music
scene in Osnabruck, where ambitious promoters brought nationwide acts like
Andhim or Pan-Pot into town. His favourite club is still Dr. Vogel which is
run by friends of his.

Robin was too modest to envision a career as a DJ and producer. But that
didn't stop him from living out his passion behind the DJ booth of northern
Germany clubs and in his own studio. In the beginning he was enthusiastic
about melodic funky house with strong vocals. After a tech-house and
minimal phase he turned to melodic, song-oriented productions. "This sound
is more musical in the end", he says.

Robin's music sounds light and effortless. But in fact a lot of experience
stands behind his remixes and songs. Robin has been producing for many
years, he had his first critical success with tracks on Beatport. The
breakthrough came in the summer of 2013. With his platinum status "Waves"
remix from Mr. Probz he transformed from a local hero to an internationally
acclaimed deep house star as fast as lightning. And in 2014 came "Prayer in
C". The story is a legend: Robin heard the song by Lilly Wood & The Prick
on a YouTube channel. He was fascinated by Lilly Wood's unique voice and he
was so enthusiastic that he immediately started to remix the song - without
really thinking about it.

The next day he uploaded his version to Soundcloud - and couldn't believe
his eyes. Deep House and Electro fans from all over the world couldn't stop
clicking the track. Within one month the remix had reached more than one
million clicks. The management of Lilly Wood & The Prick contacted Robin's
booking agent. The band was delighted with what Robin had done with their
song and the remix was officially released. The track then took its second
triumphal step. The laid-back pop song became a festival hymn, an Internet
phenomenon became an international hit that currently tops the Worldwide
Shazam Charts.

Very quickly Robin Schulz advanced to become one of the hottest DJ's in the
German Electro scene. Now he has the opportunity to present his DJ sets to
a bigger audience. He entrances the small crowds in clubs and the churning
masses at festivals like Nature One or Tomorrowland. Although every set is
different. As well as he prepares himself, Robin spontaneously decides
whether to play deeper, more melodic or pop tracks. It is always the
people, their faces and their excitement, their zest for partying that
inspire Robin and drive him on. And of course they also stoke his fantasy
in the studio. Robin begins to form his own unmistakable style.

First Osnabruck, then the world: in the summer of 2014 Robin tours all
across Europe and will appear in Ibiza, Amsterdam and even London. Parallel
to this his time was concentrated on the production of his debut album that
will be released on September 19 and includes remixes of tracks by such
international stars as Coldplay, Lykke Li and Clean Bandit. Robin Schulz is
a star - but with his feet on the ground. Even today he still lives in his
old 47 square metre apartment in his home town. And although he appears at
big venues on the road and huge audiences lay at his feet, he especially
looks forward to playing in Osnabruck: because that's when his friends can
join him.
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